Butterflies in the Philippines

The Philippines is the world's second largest archipelago country with more than 7,100 islands covering 297,179 km2 in the westernmost Pacific Ocean. The Philippine archipelago is one of the world's great reservoirs of biodiversity and endemism.


The patchwork of isolated islands, the tropical location of the country, and the once extensive areas of rainforest have resulted in high butterfly species diversity and a very high level of endemism.  352 butterfly species are endemic to the Philippines  and one of the largest butterflies in the world , the Magellan birdwing can be found here!




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Small, darting flight; clubs on antennae hooked backwards.
Small, brightly coloured; often have false heads with eyespots and small tails resembling antennae.
Usually have reduced forelegs, so appear four-legged; often brightly coloured.
Often have 'tails' on wings; caterpillar generates foul taste with osmeterium organ; pupa supported by silk girdle.
Mostly white, yellow or orange; pupa supported by silk girdle.
Often have metallic spots on wings; often conspicuously coloured with black, orange and blue.
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Official publications of Philippine Lepidoptera Butterflies and Moths Inc. (PhiLep)


“The Butterfly Fauna of the Philippines.

Volume 1: Papilionidae and Pieridae”
By Jade Aster T. Badon, Ph.D.

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Fil-Kulisap publishes articles on new taxa, agriculturally important species, diversity studies, population dynamics, life histories, new records, surveys, assessments, and short notes on Lepidoptera in the Philippines and surrounding areas.

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